About Us - Functional eco friendly products for green living.


WearEarth's mission is to promote eco friendly products that are functional, reusable and made in a progressively ethical and responsible manufacturing environment, promoting fair trade.

Wearearth Family

Alicia, Melissa and Alex Meno, Chicago-born siblings, reconnected back in 2008, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, after years of living in different places around the world. The Meno family followed different paths on the same journey, and now uniting their eclectic talents to provide functional and fashionable eco products that treat the environment right. Traveling, exploring, and living green globally opened our eyes to the value of people and the need for responsible manufacturing. Through WearEarth, we strive to have a low environmental impact by offering products that are reusable, functional, and support green living.

The Meno Family promotes green living through their eco friendly products

At WEAREARTH, we pride ourselves on our key business principles:

  • Provide a great product and outstanding customer service for a fair price.
  • Treat everyone with respect, especially customers and team members.
  • Re-invest a portion of our profits in local and international organizations that support our environment and make a difference in the lives of people around the world.
  • Create a network, so that everyone on the WEAREARTH team, and our clients, can make and feel connections.
  • Build a company that has the financial and cultural foundation to flourish.

Mayan Hammock