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Stacy. Bikini bags These bags are perfect for your beach or pool bag. You can separate your wet bikini, sunscreen to
avoid leakage, dry clothes, phone, or snacks. Keeps out sand as well.
Janet. Reusable To Go bags These cosmetic cases are the perfect to go baga. A complete eco ziploc. Use it for pens and pencils,
art supplies, make-up, snacks and lunches. Rinse the bags out and reuse. Ideas are endless.
Kali. Make up organized! I have finally found the a way to organize my make up and take it all with me. Love the colors and sizes
and how easily portable.
Katie. Awesome for road trips These reusable cases are amazing! I have found so many uses for them while traveling. They are not only durable but are easy to clean. I love the different sizes and colors!